2 - 4 days Tours

The proposal

En Camino Paseos created and developed a series of two to four-day tours with different circuits in the province of Córdoba, with different themes: WINE, HISTORY, NATURE and the different regions: NORTH, CALAMUCHITA, NORTHWEST, TRASLASIERRA, PUNILLA and ANSENUZA. It is based in the city of Córdoba, leaving and returning the accommodation or directly to and from Córdoba International Airport.

These tours are with PRIVATE SERVICE for up to 4 passengers, so personalized attention, maximum enjoyment and the best direct service are guaranteed. We travel in a vehicle equipped with amenities on board. The selected accommodations are thought and chosen to follow this premise: SERVICE and QUALITY. Our mission is: THE RIDE FITS THE PASSENGER, NOT THE REVERSE.

All our tours include in the services: Sanitary Safety Elements: Alcohol Gel, Disposable Chinstraps, Napkins / Paper Rolls, Sanitizing Water, Permanent Disinfection.

Please ask for combinations. Tours can be set up at the request of the passenger. Everything is combined, there are no structures

Wine Tours

We offer various options to enjoy the oenological regions of Córdoba: North, Calamuchita, Traslasierra.

Old Royal Way Winerys (North) / San Javier (Traslasierra Valley) / Wines from Calamuchita

Please check tours and rates: encamino2011@gmail.com

Historical Tours

From the first original inhabitants and their testimonies in rock art to the religious and artisan tradition that maintains the Creole essence. Córdoba is synonymous with Jesuits and its legacy is a World Heritage Site.

Complete Old Royal Way / Old Royal Way & Cerro Colorado / Jesuit Human Heritage / Cordoba North

Please check tours and rates: encamino2011@gmail.com

Punilla Tours

A comprehensive and detailed tour of Córdoba's most popular valley. Engineers, entrepreneurs, great deeds, folklore, tradition, rock, great concerts, Nazis, hotels, writers, surprises, aliens, energies, hills, dikes, hippies, honey, alfajores, donkeys. All Cordoba.

Please check tours and rates: encamino2011@gmail.com

Nothwest Tours

From the very beginning of the trip, traveling the gravel route of Route 28, from Tanti to Taninga, passing through Los Gigantes, then the Camino de los Túneles, the Chancani provincial reserve, the large salt flats, where sunset is the best prize whoever ventures to these towns that elevate the way.

Please check tours and rates: encamino2011@gmail.com

Traslasierra Tours

Here the proposal is to know in depth the most beautiful Valley of Córdoba, from north to south, from south to north, leaving nothing undone. Natural, historical, religious, oenological tourism, all together in a single walk.

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Ansenuza Tours

An itinerary to combine nature, bird watching and the history of a town that knows its beaches.

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