Valleys Roads

Córdoba has three great valleys.

Punilla. Here are concentrated towns, tradition, music, art, esotericism, gauchos, aliens, and mountain trails of great beauty.

Calamuchita gives away all its splendor that opens majestically from Lake Los Molinos to the south. In towns like La Cumbrecita you will discover stories, culture and traditions of German immigrants, wines and beers.

Traslasierra. Traveling is not on the journey, but on the road. From early in the morning and go through the mountains of Córdoba, reach the Camino de las Altas Cumbres, discover unique landscapes, each curve, a postcard. The biggest surprises will be in the Traslasierra valley.

All tours include in the services: Health Safety Elements: Alcohol Gel, Disposable Chinstrap, Napkins / Paper Rolls, Sanitizing Water, Permanent Disinfection

Punilla Valley Calamuchita Valley Tralasierra Valley
Traditional Punilla La Cumbrecita Traditional Traslasierra
San Marcos Sierras Traditional Calamuchita Saturday´s Fair